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FocalTech, NVIDIA Team Up to Bring More Responsive Touch Input to Mobile Devices

Time:2012-02-24    From:FocalTech Website

February 24, 2012 - FocalTech Systems, Ltd., an IC design company specializing in capacitive touch panel controller IC technology, announced today that it is collaborating with NVIDIA to improve the touch experience on mobile devices, by supporting NVIDIA’s DirectTouch Architecture. 

FocalTech’s full range of single-chip touch controller IC products can support touch panel sizes ranging from 2.8" to 12.1".

DirectTouch is a new technology in the NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 processor, the world’s only 4-PLUS-1™ quad-core processor with a fifth battery saver core. It offloads some of the touch panel processing to one of the Tegra 3’s four CPU cores for faster touch processing and an improved end user experience, while also reducing power.

FocalTech’s FT5606 chip will team with DirectTouch, bringing consumers lower costs, higher performance and superb graphics processing in touch operations.

“FocalTech is committed to supporting NVIDIA's DirectTouch, and believes it will be one of the leading touch technologies for the tablet PC and consumer electronics industries,” said  Dr. Genda Hu/CEO   of FocalTech.

Glenn Schuster, Director of Technical Marketing, at NVIDIA, added, “We’ve been working with FocalTech for a year to help partners create quad-core mobile devices that offer a superb touch experience. It’s great to see our work moving forward.” 

If you aren’t familiar with DirectTouch, it’s a unique approach that offloads some of the touch processing onto Tegra 3′s CPU cores, resulting in ultra-responsive touch while also reducing power consumption.

Check out this video to see how DirectTouch works:[YouTube vid:]

And click on this file to see what DirectTouch is:


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